February 14, 2012

Thank You AlwaysOn and its Readers

On February 13, 2012, AlwaysOn announced the winners of its first annual Power Players New York City competition. The results of the contest were based on readers’ nominations of New York-based champions of Internet and mobile entrepreneurs. Gridley & Company was honored that Linda Gridley was recognized as a winner by AlwaysOn. For over a decade, Gridley & Company has been committed to building deep relationships with internet veterans and entrepreneurs. We regularly meet with company executives and participate in conferences to gain intimate knowledge of the newest trends in e-commerce, mobile, social, and more. We also recently launched Gridley’s Guide to Digital New York, a comprehensive guide to New York City’s private emerging digital companies, their venture capital and private equity investors and the public companies that turn the industry. We feel our knowledge of the digital sector and relationships with industry leaders enables us to effectively help our clients navigate the rapidly shifting landscape, and we are thrilled to be recognized by AlwaysOn and its readers.

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