Investment Bankers for Digital Media & Information Services

  • Digital Media

    Gridley has deep relationships and constant dialogue with internet veterans and hot startups. We regularly meet with company executives and participate in conferences to gain intimate knowledge of the newest trends in e-commerce, mobile, social, and more.

  • Marketing Services

    With over eighteen years of active experience, Gridley’s reach and expertise span virtually every marketing services and digital media sector. We have been in the front seat through the many evolutions that the space has seen, from traditional marketing to digital.

  • Payments & FinTech

    Gridley’s legacy in payments and financial technology stem from the early 90’s, and we have been a part of the ever-evolving industry since. Gridley has in-depth knowledge of new and disruptive models in payment processing and financial technology.

  • Data Services

    The proliferation of data has spawned a layer of management that helps companies analyze everything they do, from customer data to inventory management. Our relationship with data companies and data management tool providers helps keep Gridley at the forefront.

  • SaaS & Outsourcing

    SaaS business models are transforming the software and outsourcing industries. In tough economic times, outsourcing and offshoring have become major cost factors in all industries. Gridley has regular dialogue with innovative outsourcing leaders.

Investment Bankers Specializing in Digital Media & Information Services

Gridley & Company, is a NYC boutique investment banking firm, providing M&A and equity fundraising advisory services to companies in the Internet & Information Services industry. We specialize in: AdTech, Data Services, Digital Marketing & Media, E-Commerce, Mobile, Payments & Financial Technology, Social, Traditional Marketing, and Saas & Outsourcing Services.

Our strong relationships, broad perspective and deep understanding of industry trends offer our clients strategic insight and unparalleled access to buyers, sellers and capital.